• S&P Dow Jones Indices said on Monday that it would add Tesla to the S&P 500 next month. The addition had been expected by investors after Tesla met profitability requirements to be added to the index earlier this year, but the shares still jumped more than 9 percent in after-hours trading on Monday. The stock is up nearly 400 percent this year.

  • Universal Pictures and Cinemark, the third-largest cinema chain in North America, said on Monday that they reached a deal to bring new movies to homes a mere three weeks after their theater debuts. The agreement guarantees that Universal will give Cinemark at least 17 days (three weekends) to play movies exclusively — down from roughly 90 days. After that, even as films continue to play in Cinemark theaters (as long as there is demand), Universal has the option of simultaneously making them available on premium video-on-demand.


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